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Chrisco Media Services - Established September 1985

Karen K Christoffersen

I was so jealous of the babysitter who was caring for my firstborn, Bart, only six months old. It seemed every day when I returned home, so excited to see him, another milestone had occurred. He rolled over; he smiled; he said “mama,” but not to me; his first tooth appeared; and the list continued to grow. I could not bear it. The result was Chrisco Media Services. I brought my business home.

Halfway through my Masters, a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, emphasis in Cinematography, I had been working actively in commercial and motion picture production since I graduated in the spring of 1980; from 1975, however, I had been a freelance production assistant for a short time, until I was called upon to do script and continuity for national and regional commercial productions (Osmond Commercial Production with Ron McCroby) with clients like Dodge, Toyota, Hasbro, General Mills and more. I had acquired some decent experience in ad production for television and film.

When I began Chrisco Media Services in September 1985, I had been doing all the radio and television production for a major part of ZCMI, the largest department store chain in Utah at the time. My final year with them, I produced 365 TV commercials and countless radio ads. But when Bart Daniel Christoffersen arrived (Halloween 1984), I began planning for a home business and discovered that working for myself resulted in fewer actual working hours and more money. Best of all worlds.

My first client? The ZCMI Home Store. Yes, I continued working for them on a freelance basis and began buying their media as well. Eventually, I added all aspects of advertising for my clients, including live radio production (producer), live television production (producer/director), infomercials, outdoor advertising, video mailers, you name it. The list of clients began to grow quickly. Here are just a few including some from the few years before I went completely solo.

  • Kent State, Emmy-Award-winning docu-drama (post-production coordinator)
  • KSL TV Production Coordinator, 1982-83
  • KSL TV’s Days of 47 Parade Producer, 1983
  • ZCMI
  • Collette’s Home Furnishings (the largest furniture store in Utah at the time)
  • Harmon’s (the Your Neighborhood Grocer was my campaign as well as all the branding and logo creation which is still displayed on their stores, although slightly altered)
  • Burton Lumber
  • Author, Richard Paul Evans, who now has 38 consecutive New York Times bestselling books, many of which went to #1, beginning with The Christmas Box which has sold over 8 million copies internationally
  • In 2006, I became the director and producer for BookWise Publishing, designed mainly for self-published authors and have completed nearly 400 books to date, and the list continues to grow.

Today I maintain two dozen active accounts and am currently not accepting new authors for BookWise Publishing except for special referrals. I will say the book business has been a delightful surprise. Authors are the most wonderful (and sometimes the most difficult) clients. (See my website at www.bookwisepublishing.com for a partial listing of BWP books.)

Just as an aside, my favorite place to work is on a cruise ship, preferably at least two weeks per adventure. I get so much work completed and the Norwegian (with whom I always cruise) staff take such good care of me. Occasionally I advise clients and authors of these cruises n case they would like to join me and work on their books, but mostly I like the solitude and the beautiful sights, especially Alaska.

So, that's about all you need to know about me and Chrisco Media Services, still in business, still alive, but you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Karen K Christoffersen

PS I'm working on my "memoir," which I call a fictionalized narrative based on true events: The Bright Side of the Road. Look for it in 2019 if I get the guts to publish it!

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